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With training in prosthodontics, implant surgery, and orthodontics, Dr. Kaufman is uniquely qualified to offer combined therapies for patients looking to both restore the function and aesthetics of their smile.

Although many patients will visit Dr. Kaufman solely for Invisalign orthodontics, most come to take advantage of his unique position as a surgically trained prosthodontist for combined treatment under one roof. He is specially qualified to combine disciplines and provide a controlled result on cases where he may use Invisalign in conjunction with implant dentistry and crowns to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Kaufman focuses on looking at each patient and their unique, individual needs in order to tailor-make a treatment plan, rather than having the patient fit into a certain treatment option. His number-one concern is functionality and comfort for his patients.

Having studied orthodontics in the Honors Program during his training at the New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Kaufman is thrilled to offer patients orthodontic treatment in addition to prosthodontic and implant surgery services in Manhattan.

Common Questions on Invisalign

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand which creates clear dental aligners to straighten teeth as an alternative to traditional braces. The aligners, which look similar to a teeth-whitening trays, are made of safe, thermoplastic material which will be custom-made for your smile. Through a series of these trays, your teeth will gradually move into alignment as you progress from one to the next. Expect some soreness, especially in the first few days of using a new set of trays, but no more unsightly metal scratching or detaching as with traditional braces.

If you’re interested in using Invisalign in your dental treatment plan, whether in combination with other services or on its own, contact Dr. Kaufman. He will take the time to walk you through the options that are best for your individual needs.

How does Invisalign work?

Custom Invisalign trays will be created for the unique, individual shape of your mouth. You will use each set of trays for a couple weeks at a time, depending on your treatment plan, and progressing through the series to gradually move your teeth to the ideal alignment.

Trays should be worn 20 to 22 hours per day, only to be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. Some patients complete treatment in as few as six months, but most full treatment plans take about a year. Others may take longer, especially if used in combination with other treatment modalities. Dr. Kaufman will walk you through your expected length of treatment and other factors unique to your oral health.

Are all Invisalign providers the same?

No. Invisalign is a sophisticated, computer-driven product which specialists use to provide orthodontic services to their patients—it is not a treatment plan in itself. Because of that, it is best to see a specialist such as Dr. Kaufman, with extensive, multidisciplinary training in dental health and orthodontics. For Invisalign, as with all dental treatments, not all providers will yield the same outcome.

Are there any dangers in using Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are a very safe treatment option—more than 5 million patients have been treated with Invisalign. The most common concerns include losing trays, which can be replaced. If patients fail to use their trays as instructed, treatment can get more complicated. However, Dr. Kaufman is highly experienced in getting patients back on track, and will have a conversation about the steps moving forward to get you to your ideal, healthy smile.

Are there health benefits to using Invisalign?

Yes! As a prosthodontist who is trained in implant surgery, Dr. Kaufman will often treat patients with Invisalign in combination with other treatment modalities in order to achieve optimal health. For these patients, he is able to restore functionality while simultaneously improving the aesthetics of their smile.

Many patients see Dr. Kaufman solely for Invisalign treatment, which will improve overall health, as well. Patients with straight teeth will have an easier time cleaning them, better breath, and reduced risk of infection.

Dr. Kaufman aims to educate all of his patients in the health benefits of straight teeth—check out his entire YouTube channel devoted to patient education.

What happens after the Invisalign treatment is done?

Once you’re done with the Invisalign alignment trays and are satisfied with your smile, you will receive retainers. These retainers will need to be worn every night immediately after treatment ends to avoid any movement of the teeth. Invisalign retainers are similar to the aligner trays, but sturdier, and they will also help prevent teeth from grinding at night.

Dr. Kaufman and his staff will walk you through expectations for wearing your retainer in the future and how to maintain your beautiful new smile.

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