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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Dr. Zev Kaufman, DDS - Manhattan New York

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Part of the job Dr. Zev Kaufman loves the most is improving the aged work and artistry of past dentists. Dental work has advanced exponentially over the last few decades. Work done originally in years past periodically needs replacement as it ages or just plain fails. Now, Dr. Zev Kaufman has the benefit of the latest research and knowledge from the world’s finest teaching institutions to bring to his patients. He can help patients avoid dentures with a full-mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Kaufman is one of the elite dentists in the country who is formally trained by a major university to perform this procedure — and beyond that, he’s the dentists’ dentist of choice.

If you’re going to trust your bite, smile, and mouth function to a dentist, Dr. Zev Kaufman is the man to get the job done right, and beautifully. He treats dozens of patients each year who have lost hope looking for a dentist who can truly resolve their problem and take their pain away. So before you lose all hope, consider Dr. Zev Kaufman. Look at his album of before and after photos to get an idea of his incredible results. If you are interested in keeping all your teeth as you age, and avoiding dentures, make an appointment with our office.

Common Questions

My rule is simple: When my patients leave my office they ALWAYS look and feel better than when they came in, and ALWAYS have gorgeous teeth in their mouths.

Dr. Zev Kaufman

Common Questions About Full Mouth Reconstruction

What type of dentist should patients see for a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is best done by a trained Prosthodontist. It is the definition of the specialty. It is even better if that Prosthodontist is trained in pre-prosthetic surgery such as implant placement, bone and soft tissue grafting, and crown lengthening. I am one of the select few dentists who hold a specialty postgraduate official certification in Prosthodontics and Implant Surgery and Restoration.

How long do patients have to wait to feel good about their smile?

Most of my cases are performed with the “Teeth in a Day” procedure, where a patient will visit me because they have multiple problem areas in their mouth. Then, after a morning or an afternoon in our office, my patient leaves with beautiful custom provisional restorations which look real and present a template for the final result.

From that point, any and all supportive work, such as implant surgery and grafting, is performed in the office and the patient leaves with the beautiful teeth in place, as if nothing ever happened.

My goal is to always have my patients feel great about their smile. They can’t afford to miss their board meetings or be house-bound for days on end. I make sure they can continue with their lives without worrying about their smile.

To build a building you need an architect! It is even better if the architect also lays down the foundation and builds the building!

Dr. Zev Kaufman

How long do these take the average patient from consultation to final results?

Depending on "foundation and supportive work" such as implants, grafting, and root canal treatment, a full reconstruction can take anywhere from two months to two years. Either way, once my initial impressions, photos, and X-rays are taken, it typically takes my technicians one to two weeks to produce gorgeous provisionals, and once delivered, my patient is always comfortable and looks great.

Of course, in an emergency, I can bypass my technician and produce teeth on the spot in my laboratory. This can be done in cases of an accident or loss of front teeth due to periodontal issues.

What type of materials do you use for your full-mouth reconstructions?

I use any and all appropriate materials including porcelain fused to precious metals like gold and platinum or Zirconia. Sometimes that means full-gold crowns, other times it means porcelain crowns such as eMax, Empress2, Lave, and Procera, or combinations thereof that address the particular circumstances.

I have more than 20 years of experience and the highest levels of training that allow me to strategically choose the best materials for my patients. With my thorough understanding of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) anatomy, physiology, and function, I can always choose the very best material for each and every individual tooth I craft.

My patients come to me for my expertise and experience; because they trust me, I can deliver amazing results that will last them their whole lives.

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