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Dr. Zev Kaufman, DDS - Manhattan New York

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Dr. Zev Kaufman’s dentures are a work of art. His patients are proud that their friends and family are not aware that their smiles are dentures. With other means of teeth replacement, such as implants, dentures are becoming a lost art form. Dr. Zev Kaufman’s training as a Prosthodontist equipped him with the highest-level of knowledge and skill to fabricate the most advanced, comfortable, and esthetic dentures. His extra years of training coupled with his inherent artistic abilities make him a creative, scientific, and talented dentist producing the best results. He loves creating winning smiles for his patients — ones they are proud to show off, wear, and use. The best part of his dentures is that nobody knows they are dentures.

I was very fortunate to be trained by some of the old denture masters. The knowledge passed on to me is invaluable. When I make a denture it’s going to sing. It’s not going to look like a denture.

Dr. Zev Kaufman
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Common Questions

How did your training prepare you to build more beautiful dentures?

I was fortunate to be educated by some of the last old masters of dentures in New York. They are not with us anymore, but their legacy lives within their students, and I am one of the fortunate ones. A denture is an opportunity for a dentist to combine science and knowledge of anatomy with master craftsmanship, since almost all of the steps involved in the making of a denture are performed with the patient chairside. I perform every single step myself, from setting up the bite records to setting up the teeth in a proper artistic manner.

How does your process stand out from your peers?

When I'm finished, I turn over the final production and baking of the denture to a master-craftsman technician who finishes the denture and makes the teeth and pink gums come alive. Not only do we match the proper tooth color, we even match the gum color to your skin and gum tone!

When dentures are made by most dentists, they rely on the laboratory technician to set the teeth, and then try in the set up in the patient's mouth. Even the best technician cannot "custom" set the teeth, since they are not working in the patient's mouth. Done the traditional way, the denture teeth look "flat" and you get the typical "denture look."

When the teeth are set by a dentist with the patient in the chair — the way I do it — we can get a custom tooth arrangement that follows the smile line and aligns with the facial structure of the face and the eyes. The result is "The Kaufman Aesthetic Denture," which is custom made for each individual patient and looks like real teeth and not a denture. The "Teeth come alive!"

To most, dentures are a piece of plastic and a poor replacement to natural teeth, at that. To me, a denture is a piece of art!

Dr. Zev Kaufman

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Complete Denture - After.JPG After
Complete Denture - Before.JPG Before


Partial Denture - After.JPG After
Partial Denture - Before.JPG Before